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My family and I at my Uncle Troy's Wedding

Hi! I'm Layla. Thanks for visiting my website and supporting my business! Here's a little about me - I'm a 9 year old girl from Sacramento California. I'm currently in the 4th grade, I live with my little 4 year old brother Devin who's currently in preschool, Mom Rochelle and My Dad Dominick. We have lots of pets in our family, and I'll introduce them to you now:


First, here are my two animals who I loved very much but are no longer with us, Rondell the Labrador(on the left), and Edwin the cat.


Coco the Labrador is the first pet of mine, we met we were babies!


Here are my cats Alvin, Ariel and Catness. Ariel is clumsy and soft, and only wants to be pet when she feels like it. Catness is a wild girl who loves to be pet and climb. 



Alvin is the family's hunter who steals the neighbor boys toys and brings them to us in the morning. He also brings mice and birds. He didn't used to be this crazy when he was an inside cat, but since he's been outside and has his own apartment, he's become a wild man.


Here are our fish, Mortimer, Chubby and Warrior. We named him Warrior because we won him at a carnival. On the ride home, we noticed that his water carrier was cracked and had no water for a very long time and he still survived!


 And here's my hamster Mario. You will never meet another hamster who can store as much food in his cheeks as Mario can!



This is the desk where I sell my puppies and let people know about my business and this website!