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My Mission

To create wonderfully cute things using my hands and my imagination that will make you smile. I want to create my very own business and be successful and show other young people that they can work hard and do it too. And most importantly, I want to help as many animals as I can. Since I was a baby, I've had a big heart for the furry friends that need our love and help. I believe I can make a BIG difference in the world and you can too!

A Few of My Creations

  • Red Panda

    He's got plenty of detail and personality!

  • Foxy the Fox

    Foxy the Fox is the slyest of them all!

  • Tiger Pup

    An exotic pipe cleaner pup I created!

  • Clay Pup

    An unpainted sculpture of a pup. I wanted to show the little details in order to make him more lifelike!  

  • Eevee

    I was inspired to make this creature after seeing everyones favorite battle cartoon!

  • Sweets

    Hand sewn sweets made just for you!

  • Pipe Pups 2

    I can make puppies, pencil toppers - you name it! All with simple pipe cleaners. Here you see a two puppies!  

  • Dude

    Cute little animal that I dreamed up!

  • Dragon

    A very wise and awesome dragon I made. I especially like the shape of his horns and tail

Completed Creations

In 2017 my goal is to make 200 creations
Here's what I've done so far!

24 Creations Completed

Pipe Cleaner Puppies

Clay Figures

Stuffed Animals

Story Books

Total Sales

Thank you for your support and business!


If I work hard, great things will happen!

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Here's How I Invest My Earnings:

  • Crafts Materials
  • College Fund
  • Savings Account
  • Charity Donations

With my parents help, I will continue to invest in these four categories to become successful!

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Charity Donations

So far in 2017:


This money will be a BIG help to all of the animals that need care. Together we can do this!!

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